Build custom trading bots without writing a single line of code

Democratizing Access

Algorithmic trading has been confined to hedge funds and elite programmers for far too long

Our mission is to open access to these powerful tools around the globe. Anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Our vision

Easily Personalized Trading Strategies Empower Anyone with an Internet Connection

Daedalus currently supports both technical and social indicators, creating a powerful tool to trade based on the weather, political climates, charts, and even tweets from key industry players. Any condition imaginable can be used to synthesize your perfect trading strategy.

Fully Automated

No more spreadsheets, no more manual trades. Seamlessly construct dynamic strategies with our no-code visual editor. Watch your trades execute automatically.



Build from and customize Daedalus’s collection of ready-made templates to match your own trading strategy. Our templates bring an unprecedented level of access to the power of algorithmic trading.

Drag and Drop

Easily connect existing brokerage or crypto accounts to make live trades using our Scratch-like interface. Diversify your portfolio and monitor performance with continuous strategy and trade updates.

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